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Hi there Steve. I just bought a Two Rock Kimock signature model amp. I was wondering what amp this is based on or is it more of a custom to your specs type of this? Do you have one, or a prototype? Never seen one on your live rig unless it looks different. I absolutely love it. Thanks for all the years of incredible music!

-Nick Hardwick

Nick, CA

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    30 Aug 2019

    Hi Nick!
    The Kimock Sig from my perspective as player/user, is largely based on my 50 watt Dumble.
    From the perspective of the hardware, the Sig’s based on the K+M Custom chassis.

    It is kind of “custom to my spec” on some level but my “specs” are really more about personal preference for amp behavior in application than specific component values.
    Obviously there are plenty of objective details involved in my personal preferences, but if we’ve learned anything over the last half century about guitar amps it’s “the schematic is not the amp”.

    I have a prototype, possibly the prototype, and it doesn’t look like the production amp, it’s just a KM Custom chassis in a short TR head cab.
    I forget which one came first, but there used to be two production mules, an east coast amp and a west coast amp.
    I still have one, don’t remember which : )

    We’ve continued to modify, refine, perfect, and generally ruin a perfectly good amp with my remaining Sig, and in spite of it being discontinued those mods have found their way into subsequent production amps.
    Dual Rectifiers, at least.

    Nick Hardwick
    8 May 2020

    Just seeing this. Thanks for getting back to me. I absolutely love this amp. I apologize for the gibberish in my question, should have proofread it before it sent it. Ha!

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