Picked up a LoBue Guitar

Hi Steve,

Through the magic of the internet, I have picked up a LoBue guitar. I knew who he was from being an admirer of your playing, so figured why not reach out?

Would love to hear any info you’ve picked up over time about how they were made, design philosophy, or tweaks you’ve done to make it play happily.

About the guitar: Not sure if the year, it’s a brownish stain, carved top, sort of offset double cut, mahogany I think. 2 open dimarzio style humbuckers, 2 knobs that appear to both be master volume (??) and phase switches.

Great feeling neck, like a decent sized C SG neck. Back cavity has drill press marks and looks chiseled in places – exudes handmade charm.

As an added bonus, there were unopened Guitar Lab NYC brand strings with it (bright green 9’s).

Love the idea of playing something mysterious and great feeling, but I also feel the need to go down the rabbit hole find out as much info as possible!

Hope all is well with you and yours in these crazy times,


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