Wah, fuzz ‘n’ shine


Hey there, Steve –

Many thanks for years of great tunes and vibes.

Simple stuff:

I know at one point you were an occasional Hartman Ge fuzz user … how about these days?

And: you’ve never been one to get lost in the wokka-wokka, but do you have a fave fuzz when the need arises?

But most importantly – still a Lemon Pledge man?

Be careful out there and play on – thanks!

Brian Robbins, ME

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    30 Aug 2019

    I still use the Hartman fuzz, I have a couple of them, Ge and Si all relatively low gain.

    Lately, more often than not, I’ve been using a Paul Trombetta Bone Machine, although my old Vox Tone Bender still comes out in combination with the MuTron, and almost anything could come out in combination with different guitars.

    I’ve got a whole pile of Germanium Fuzz boxes, they’re all just different enough to do their best work paired with different guitars, amps, and effects.
    The Hartman was an ideal boost with the Strat and Dumble/misc Two Rock stuff, the Bone Machine is one of the few Ge fuzz’s that genuinely sounds good with humbuckers so being Explorer, L-7, Supro lap centric these days it’s mostly Bone Machine.
    I love Fuzz. .

    Yeah, Lemon Pledge. Been using it ever since I saw Roy Buchanan hitting his Tele with it back in the 70’s.
    Can’t get a clean sound out of a dirty guitar, try it!

      3 Sep 2019

      Super – thanks for all that, Steve. Yes, having been Pledging for years … can’t beat lemony fresh tones.

      I typo’d my wokka-wokka question: meant to ask if you had a preferred wah if/when you delved into that corner …

      Play on!

      10 Sep 2019

      You had a Skreddy P19 one of the last times I saw you. That sounded great too.

        30 Jan 2020

        P19, holy guacamole what a nice fuzz box.

        kinda extreme compared to my usual stuff but if you pair it with the right PU it’s amazing.

          4 May 2020

          Your fuzz/distortion tone for the Infared Roses shows with the L5 sounded awesome!

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